Bits. Bytes. Beats.

Samuel Abrahamsen (Geekbeats) has always been a geek, even before he knew it and even before it was cool. He’s also an accomplished musician who began his career playing the Tenor Saxophone in Grade School. During that time he also formed a love for technology and Hip-Hop that would define his artistry for years to come.

As an early adopter of technology, he was active in the Amiga Tracker scene, this combined with his knowledge of MIDI sequencing was the segue to his proficiency of the DAW and later VSTi plugins.

His affinity for technology also reflected in his musical taste. Along with Hip-Hop he developed a fascination with Electro music, the pre-cursor to today’s EDM sound.

In fact, at Bradwell Institute, he taught the band how to play music from Art of Noise and in particular Hashim’s “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” (inarguably one of the greatest Electro tracks ever) during football games and that became the official theme song for the Bradwell Tigers for years even after his graduation.

Soon he was producing Hip-Hop with friends and together they formed a group called Reign of Terror. This parlayed their garage demos into arena tours with many of the top rap stars like Ice T, Rob Base, MC Hammer and many more; just as MTV was introducing Hip-Hop into mainstream America.

Although he was a fine musician and the music he did was all original to begin with, he soon discovered the art of sampling and began incorporating sampled sounds that could be manipulated to form new frontiers of sonic terrain. Ever the innovator, Sam then combined the Amiga computer, synthesizers and the Akai S-950 to perform like a DJ would with Turntables and a SP-1200; distinguishing his style in the Hip-Hop scene.

His work with Reign of Terror earned buzz on the underground Hip-Hop Scene and even produced a Hit song “Bloodthirsty” which charted and became an anthem for Hip- Hop Radio in Belgium of all places.

The group became known for its Cinematic sound and that led to Sam becoming a sought after composer for independent films.

Sam began his work in the film arena as the composer for the award-winning film The Unreliable Narrator. Along the way, he has scored many film projects from award- winning short films like The Ticket and B.A.M. to feature films like Step Off (Lionsgate) and blackhats (Amazon).

He recently returned to his hometown of Jacksonville where consistent with his knack for always being on the cutting edge of technology, he established the Jacksonville Ableton Users Group.

He has produced several appreciated remixes and mash-ups (“Papa Was a Rolling

Stone”, “Pulp Injection”, “Darth Vader’s Theme”) that incorporate his love of EDM and hard beats with memorable tunes.

His beat acumen (he is known as GeekBEATS after all) has been sought by accomplished vocalist Sherri Chung (“Supergirl”, “Blindspot”) for collaboration on mixing traditionalist pop and jazz vocal stylings with inventive rhythm-based compositions that only Sam can create.

He looks forward to his work on Sherri Chung’s upcoming album as well as music placement in several new feature films.

Sam’s key musical inspirations are a diverse mix of artists from many different genres: Herbie Hancock, Paul Hardcastle, Newcleus, Sade, Rakim, Public Enemy, James Horner, and Hans Zimmer.

The Geek shall inherit the earth, at least musically in the case of Samuel Abrahamsen, a.k.a. Geekbeats.


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